Princess Bubbles is the energetic heir to the Axolien throne, or rather, the organization's throne. She loves everyone, and wants them all to be happy and have fun! As such she hates evil and works hard to support magical kids in their quest to fight against it.

This happy, bouncy lab assistant is bubblier than a glass of lemonade! Ze loves to have fun and help people out as much as possible! Born conjoined to hir twin sibling Key Lime, they have been inseparable since - literally! Lemon may annoy Lime sometimes, but xe loves hir at heart. They work as lab assistants for Prof. Reflux. Ze is more focused on the magic than the science, which can cause problems for science loving Lime! Ze has a tendency for clumsiness too, so Lime is definitely the one handling chemicals.

Lime is quick witted, analytical and sarcastic. Xe loves science, and has a real talent for it. Born conjoined to xyr twin sibling Lemon Drizzle, they have been inseparable since - literally!Lime is more focused on science than magic, which can cause problems for magic focused Lemon! While Lime loves Lemon dearly, xe can definitely be a bit snappy at times, especially if it has something to do with Reflux! While Lime may not admit it, and Lemon is unaware, Lime is in love with him, so Lemon's antics and lack of science knowledge are very embarrassing!